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The Business of Being You: Discovering Your Entrepreneurial Niche

Why Exist at 40% When You can Thrive at 100% of Your Destiny?

If you want a business, but don’t yet know what to do, or if you have too many ideas and need to find a starting point, this class is for you.  It will help you not only evaluate business models and new directions, but also to look at where the sum total of your life is leading. What are all the things that God is calling you to? Not just business – your business needs to support and not get in the way of the whole she-bang!

Supernatural Business Challenge

Upgrade Your Business to a Supernatural One!

What if your product or service could transcend natural limitations that surpasses your own talent and skill?  What if you could tap into flow, connections, resources, and provisionWhat if you found new and unusual ways of working so that you can be at rest while you workWhat if you could download creative ideas and inventions that release redemption and restorationWe have, and we’ll show you how.

Foundations for Supernatural Business Growth

Sound Business Strategy with Prophetic Insight.​

The Supernatural Business course combines sound business strategy with prophetic insight to launch or grow your business. You’ll learn to partner with Holy Spirit, and get connected to like-minded people who will become your focus group, think tank, and support system. You’ll have a step by step plan to follow which will maximize your growth rate and allow you to have a balanced lifestyle to fulfill your multi-faceted destiny.