Tired of living beneath the level of your calling?

Maybe You Need to be in the Business of Being You

You can carve you out a niche where you can be 100% you. Where you can use all your skills and talents, and everything God gave you that's dying to come out. More than that, it NEEDS to come out. You were put on earth for a purpose and for such a time as this. The world needs you to show up in all that you were created for.


The Business of Being You: Discovering Your Entrepreneurial Niche

By the time you're done with this class, you'll know what a real business for you should look like, and even have one launched.

Even if…You currently have no business idea.

Even if…You’re not a world famous expert.

Even if…You have no business experience at all.

Businesses Created After Working With Us

Hearing from God to help subscribers get clarity and strategy to succeed and profit.
Tammy Batchelor
Classical musician creating frequencies through her music to heal spirit, soul, and body.
Del Hungerford
Fine art photographer bringing the beauty of her Alaskan adventures to the world.
Melissa Hendrickson

Have you ever felt like your job or career only allowed you to be a small portion of who you are? The side of you that’s a creative person, a spiritual person, a comedic or philosophical, dog-loving, math-hating person had to be dumped at the door while you did your routine for the company? It’s vastly unfulfilling when you can only be partially you.

If you want a business, but don’t yet know what to do, or if you have too many ideas and need to find a starting point, this class is for you.

  • It will help you not only evaluate business models and new directions, but also to look at where the sum total of your life is leading.
  • What are all the things that God is calling you to? Not just business – your business needs to support and not get in the way of the whole she-bang!
  • There are plenty of viable businesses doable by you, some will create freedom, while others will bog you down. Few of us have our entire purpose in life wrapped up in just business.
  • This class will open your eyes to a more holistic way of looking at what you need to be doing.
  1. First, we’ll look at all the clues to your calling and destiny. Who are you? Who do you want to become? Who has God created you to be? And equally importantly, WHAT has he created you to DO?
  2. Then, we’ll guide you towards some viable business ideas. The prophetic words and intercession you’ll receive will be key assets to help you.
  3. Next, you’ll take all your processed and filtered down information and build a plan for transition.
  4. But before you order business cards, before you run out and form an LLC, or spend a bunch of money, we’ll show you how to test it.
  5. Finally, you’ll finish class with the beginnings of your new business that supports your calling and lifestyle.

But this is not a class where you can consume info and not act. Even though it’s inexpensive, it will cost you in terms of time and effort. But the payoff? Finally stepping into a line of work that matters after being sidetracked for so long? It’s worth it all. 

To help you along this journey, not only to you get 7 lessons that help you clarify your vision and go from $0 to profit, but you’ll also receive:

  • 2 Prophetic Business Intercessions –  Tammy Batchelor or one of her team will listen and hear from God on your behalf. You’ll receive 2 mp3s of the sessions to listen to and ponder over. These intercessions have been of immeasurable value to Alice and Seneca on our own business journeys.
  • 4 group Q&A zoom calls over the next 2 months – join us on Wednesdays at 4 Eastern/1 Pacific and bring your questions and anything you would like our feedback on.

The Business of Being You: Discovering Your Entrepreneurial Niche


Here’s the thing, many people want to start their own business. They want to escape the 9-to-5 drudgery and “working for the man”. They want to build their own dream instead of building one for someone else. If you’re here, that’s probably you.

You want to follow God’s plan for your life, and you feel like it’s more than being chained to a time clock 50 weeks out of the year.

So why haven’t you taken that leap?

  • Probably because you have no idea where to jump to. It’s scary enough to jump, but without a net is terrifying.
  • You’re not confident that you’ll choose the right thing. You can’t afford to waste time and money on the wrong thing.
  • You don’t have the support of those around you to venture out into something new and different. All that they know to do is get a good job and wait until they retire to do what they love.

That’s why we created this class. Because we believe that:

  • You CAN have good ideas that are fulfilling and align with your purpose.
  • You CAN be confident in choosing well, and pivoting quickly to maximize time and money expenses.
  • You CAN have the support you need to get out of your boat and do something new and wonderful.

We’ve done it, as have our students, and you can do it too.

Who Are We?

We are a couple of business owners who have put into practice the things we share with you. We are not people who make all their money telling other people how to make money on the internet. Our primary incomes are through businesses other than this one. You can check those out in our individual bios.


Seneca Schurbon

I found my main business when I was around 5 years old, making little flower potions and selling them for $.75. But then I got older and wrote it off as stupid kid stuff. What did I really want to be when I grew up? A florist. (I liked flowers.) A writer. (I was good at it.) A veterinarian. (I like animals.) In my teen years I got into herbalism and natural healing so I wanted to be a naturopath.

We tend to use models of what we have seen before as professions, and those are the ones we deem legitimate. But God businesses don’t have to look like what we know. In fact, they usually don’t. In my experience you follow the breadcrumbs onto your own unique trail, and it ends up being vastly more fulfilling than any of those cookie cutter selections. Now I use my writing skills to heal people and animals with flowers using a creation process I found at age 5 that mirrors the creation process in Genesis 1.

Who does that? Just me. You need to find the thing that’s just you.

Alice Briggs

Alice Briggs

I took the traditional path of 2 degrees and a career until God told me to get out of that boat. I asked, “and what?” He said, “I’ll tell ya later.” 

I got out and began the adventure of a lifetime. I’d dabbled in sales and businesses throughout my life, but never considered that as a thing I should really do.

God has had the last laugh.

I have several businesses, and seem to collect them like pretty stones. But they all express who God created me to be and what He created me to do.

You can see most of what I’m up to here: