Upgrade Your Business to a Supernatural One!

What if your product or service could transcend natural limitations that surpasses your own talent and skill?

What if you could tap into flow, connections, resources, and provision?

What if you found new and unusual ways of working so that you can be at rest while you work?

What if you could download creative ideas and inventions that release redemption and restoration?

We have, and we’ll show you how.

Join Us For a Five Day Challenge

We’ve tapped into the supernatural to upgrade our businesses and that which we provide our customers for years. Having supernatural strategies has never been as important as in our current economy…

With the pandemic, lockdown, and all, Alice’s in-person head trash removal business was not going to work the same way. She prayed and God gave her an unusual strategy that helped hundreds of people and provided the resources she needed to continue to flourish even in these difficult times. 

Seneca listened and got a strategy for an entire new line of product for her business!

God has helped both Seneca and Alice write books that help people get what they need at their convenience and at a price they can afford – while providing the authors increased passive income.

This challenge is a result of both women allowing God to partner with them to work together so you can benefit from both of their expertise.

We’re excited to share with you what we’ve learned, as well as some solid business strategies so that you can put the SUPERNATURAL in your business in this 5 day challenge!

Here’s What We'll Cover in the Challenge

Taking the Limits off Your Products and Services.

We'll share examples of out of the box ways to invite God to overhaul your offering.

Tapping Into Supernatural Resources and Provision

We'll share a powerful exercise to help you get what you need for what you are doing.

Building a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Marketing can be done in a way that benefits rather than manipulates others. Craft your 5 point plan.

Supernatural Time Management

Stuck in a day job? Got a family or other responsibilities? We have been there! You have all the time you need!

Who Are We?

We are a couple of business owners who have put into practice the things we share with you. We are not people who make all their money telling other people how to make money on the internet. Our primary incomes are through businesses other than this one. You can check those out in our individual bios.

Seneca found her supernatural business as a little girl, but had to grow up and face some difficult circumstances before taking it seriously as a viable healing modality and then a real business. She’s also been teaching business sporadically on the side since 2015. 

Alice has 3 main businesses and brings her inner healing expertise to the table to help you ditch your road blocks so that you can move forward in your business and life. She’s been helping people take out their head trash for 10 years.

Alice Briggs


Do I need to have a business?

No, you’re welcome to join even if your business is just an idea.

How much time will this take?

Set aside about 30 minutes to 1 hour per day to consume the content we provide. How much time you spend implementing is up to you!

How will the content be delivered?

We’ll have printed lessons, video, and downloadable action guides.

Is this a Christian thing?

It is. You don’t have to be a Christian to join in, but you will have to put up with the rest of us. 😉 There’ll be scripture etc. 

Ready to take the limits off your business?

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