1. Diversify your Business to Reduce Fragility and Over Dependence on One Platform

Diversification of your business will add strength and security in changing times. This also includes your banking, merchant accounts, any SAAS (Software as a Service) you’re using, website hosting, email providers, domain registrars, and more.

0:00 Why not to be on just one platform

1:41 WordPress (dot) org, not com

1:57 Website hosting

4:14 Merchant accounts

5:43 Domain registration

7:47 Email services

8:48 Publishing books wide, not just on Amazon

15:16 Pirate Ship as a shipping label provider

16:11 WooCommerce and BigCommerce

16:54 Platforms disappearing

18:21 NFTs

21:52 Backup your stuff!

22:33 Banking

24:17 Advertisers

25:20 Off-line options


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