16: Your Inner Glass Ceiling

It’s nothing to do with gender, it’s that level of success you either can’t get beyond, or if you do, you’ll slip back into self sabotage until you’re back down “where you belong.” Time to take the limits off your belief systems so you can finally rise. Alice’s site.

14. Marketing as Stewardship Marketing can be a part of your overall stewardship process rather than manipulation. (Witchcraft) Moreover, reframing marketing in this way means you’re more likely to be successful. Listen in as we talk about marketing from a Christian perspective. Join the challenge.

12. $1000 per hour Are you doing $10/hour work or $1000/hour work for your business? Do you know the difference? Alice and Seneca talk about what they do for $1000/hour work in this video. Get your free guide here.

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