Person to Person Transfers

If you liked sending PayPal Friends and Family, Zelle, and Cash App are close choices. Secure your phone and be wise to scams. Zelle is pretty thick with corporate banking, so you’ve moved away from that, you’ll need to use their app with a debit or credit card connected. Gab Pay is another, but they do charge a low fee. The good news about the fee is you can decide who pays it, and you’re supporting free speech. 

International Money Transfers

Wise. <— That’s my affiliate link. It’s not even a substitute, it’s so much better. There’s a little more to setting it up and getting the other parties on board, but the fees are the best, and the process is smooth. 

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

I use Paywhirl because it’s the most flexible. Your customers can manage their own subscription account, pause, skip a month or cancel as they need to. Subscriptions are tricky like I was saying in the video, because you can switch over, but your current subscribers will still be on the old system. 

Point of Sale

If you are used to running credit cards on your phone through PayPal Here or Zettle, Square is the obvious choice. They were first in this game and run the same rates. 

Website Payments

Most likely, the easiest thing to do is switch over to Stripe. However, depending on your size, you may be best off with a legitimate merchant account. One of those things that grown up businesses have for credit card processing. Sometimes we get going with the easy thing and forget or put off upgrading. If that’s you, then it’s time to look at things like

Gab Pay, Align Pay, Parallel Economy and Second Ammendment Processing are more freedom oriented choices. 

Make sure you read the fine print on whatever you choose! And remember, the fine print is subject to change. Even your backups need backups. For more about diversification in these times, catch our video over here